Internet speeds around the world are ever increasing. According to Akamai Technologies State of the Internet Q4 2012 report the UK only ranks 18th fastest in the world, with an average speed of 6.8Mbps. Despite this, the Q4 2012 Institute of Directors (IoD) survey illustrated that the majority of their members were satisfied with their fixed-line Internet speeds. Organisations positioned in rural areas however, counted for the majority of dissatisfied members, with 51% being unhappy with their download speeds, and 58% with their upload speeds. IoD argues that the rural broadband policy that currently exists in the UK, to improve Internet speeds in rural areas by 2015, lacks ambition, funding and urgency.

The speed and reliability of mobile Internet services in particular was highlighted as a real issue for organisations. Only 25% of IoD members were satisfied with their mobile download speeds and just 35% with the reliability of their mobile Internet service.

The report concluded that the UK needs to focus on improving the speed and reliability of both fixed-line and mobile Internet in urban and rural areas. This would result in improved business productivity and overall competitiveness, as well as give organisations the opportunity to offer more flexible working opportunities for their employees.

Roseanna Fletcher


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