What We Do


We invest in early stage tech companies to enable their growth plans


We help dynamic companies grow through mentoring, analysis & strategic advice


We advise founders throughout their startup journey to help them achieve their goals

Non-Executive Directorships

Simon Thorpe is an active Non-Executive Director for a number of high-growth tech companies

"The digital revolution is

the new industrial revolution"



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About Us

We are focused on contributing to each step of the startup lifecycle. We aim to help innovators fulfil their full potential by connecting them with the capital, resources and advice they require. We provide consultancy services to facilitate exponential growth in mid to late stage companies. 

We mentor aspiring entrepreneurs at the Cambridge Judge Business School (CJBS) and also undergraduates at the Manchester University. We strongly believe that the UK needs more women in technology, which is why we partner with Angel Academe to support the development of female entrepreneurs. 


Our ultimate goal is to create a lasting impact on the startup community by facilitating the growth of the digital economy. The UK has a thriving startup ecosystem and we are proud to have an active role in its ongoing development. 


Current Portfolio






Female Founders

Investment Criteria


We look for clear defensible attributes, such as patented technology, technological know-how or a significant first-mover advantage. 

Market Size

We like evidence that a company is operating in a large or high-growth market with a global market size of at least £500m. 

Innovative Technology

We focus on technology companies that have disruptive capabilities or those that are leading innovation in their industry.

Visionary Founders

We look for outstanding founding teams who are highly ambitious and have a clear vision.

The digital economy is

the UK’s engine of growth


Simon Thorpe

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Natasha Evans

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