Key current trends

I was fortunate enough to attend a leading investment bank's global technology conference recently in London. Here is a short note on some of the key trends.

Yes "Big Data" was right up there. You may say this is old news. Well in a way it is, however 90% of the world's digital data has been created in the last 2 years. Growth is exponential and the tools required to analyse and give context to this data and turn it into useful information are in their infancy.

The Cloud. Again this is not a new theme but companies, especially SME's, are really only just beginning to unlock the cost saving and increased flexibility potential.

Data Security and compliance. Again you have heard it before. The scale of the issues and the severity of the pain when things go wrong are at last beginning to be focused on. Not before time.

Finally the growth of so called mobility. Mobile phones and Tablets have overtaken PC's at an astonishing pace. Many people do not use PCs any more. Their on line experience is totally mobile and many companies have only just started thinking about their customers mobile experience.