Intangible assets are resources that are not of a physical form, yet are extremely valuable to a business. They can contribute to up to 80% of company value. Examples of intangible assets include: patents, trade secrets, brand reputation and know-how.

Companies find it difficult to yield the value from these assets, as it is difficult to identify them. In three simple steps, Inngot solves this problem by allowing any organisation to identify and describe all of their intangible assets and establish their value.

1. The company creates a profile by choosing the elements that apply to their innovation.


2. Financial data is then added to create a Solomon Report.

3. The company’s most important assets are then highlighted, showing them where their true value lies. This knowledge is beneficial as it can help them to find debt finance, investment, partners and licenses.

Inngot helps businesses to identify their intangibles, record their ownership, promote their innovation, find technologies, value their Intellectual Property and secure funding.

Roseanna Fletcher