You might have asked yourself the question: What does an investor look for in an entrepreneur? What personal characteristics make for a successful entrepreneur?



A common feature amongst successful entrepreneurs is their ability to look beyond what is obvious and challenge the status quo. They are not afraid of envisioning a different world and then actually make it their business to take on the challenge.


A good leader understands the value of providing his team with a vision to work towards but also to make that vision seem tangible and within reach. A good leader is good at convincing people that they are capable of great things.


There is nothing ordinary about the people leading the way in innovation. They live, breath and eat their purpose and have a seemingly infinite supply of energy and focus.


Stubbornness bordering on delusion is a characteristic that simply cannot be learned, and is probably part of the reason behind the saying that entrepreneurs are born and not made. Most entrepreneurs do not take kindly to the word ‘No’ nor the phrase “can’t be done”. It just does not exist in their vocabulary or mindset.


Although a good leader knows how to motivate his team, it is not uncommon for him/her to be demanding. Remember that the purpose is to bring a good idea into fruition, into a tangible reality and that is very easily said and much harder to do. When it comes to execution and executing to a high standard, you have to be prepared to keep intense tabs on the products’ progress and development. That sometimes also means that you have to be prepared to push and challenge people in their work performance.


In the words of the late Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, “You have to find what you love”. This quote captures the essence and spirit of a committed entrepreneur. A genuine love for what one does is the source of all the inspiration that feeds the eager entrepreneur’s work ethic and makes him/her personally invested in the success of its company

Aida Tefera