I am delighted to be a judge for Cambridge Wireless on their 9th annual Discovering Start-ups competition on Monday 17th September 2018.

Click on the title to see what I look for in a Start-up.


Every investor has a different set of characteristics that they like to focus on when looking at start-ups.

However, the five key characteristics that I will look for when making an investment decision are:


  1. Outstanding team with complimentary skills
  2. Technology / Idea
  3. IP / defensibility
  4. Sizeable addressable market
  5. Scalable business model


The entrepreneurs I back must have passion, tenacity, resilience and self-belief. They must show a willingness to accept risk, they are not afraid to fail, and have copious amounts of integrity, determination, inspiration and perspiration!

This is not for everyone...less than 5% of the population fulfil this role!